Sunday, June 15, 2008

grace of satya sai

sree satya sai baba smiling gracefullyThe graceful smile of sai baba changes the life of devotees.
sai baba distributing prasadTo set example for service, baba takes initiative in many service activities. In olden days, he used to distribute vibhuti prasad to devotees.


very good photos of satya sai baba

satya sai baba in ecstacy blessing when he is blessing, he seems to be in brahmananda or ecstacy.
old prasanthi nilayam, from this balcony only baba used to give darsans to devotees.
old prasanthi nilayam where baba used to give darshan


sai baba in bhajan

satya sai baba singing bhajan
wonderful photo showing swami satya sai baba guiding bhajan.