Sunday, April 15, 2012

Baba in plane journey.

He smiles always. No ego to move and talk to all in the plane.. an ordinary man has ego, when he has that much money, fame etc and expects others to talk to him. Baba is different. We remember our nanny asking if we had our breakfast ,, just watch him always asking if somebody had his meals..
A pilot officer is supporting baba, while Baba moves in plane..
i wonder who is supporting whom?


Baba finally Solved my problems!!

If you check my few blog postings before this, you may understand how deep i was in troubled waters. How i came out of them is a big and interesting story.Entire story revolves around our Master.
1.i wanted to perform marriage to my only daughter. I did not have money , nor a constant job (as i work in IT). My only support is my Master, sree satya sai. So i first travelled to puttaparthi in 2007 , prayed to him from distance( i never got a chance to closely talk with Him) then posted profile in matrimonial site. for 4 years, patiently i searched in that, paid money renewed subscription,no match materialized; meanwhile lost my job in satyam company episode...every where trouble..i just had hope on Him. Finally, i was vexed up and travelled again to puttaparthi, with disturbed mind. first day,night i communicated to him heart to heart and showed my vexation to Him. from second day onwards i became very peaceful, all disturbances gone.
after one month , i received a wonderful marriage proposal for my daughter, and that finalised. It suited all our requirements. They themselves came with interest as their spiritual guru advised to immidiately to go for my daughter!!
So, i ran with first wedding card to Baba, showed to him from distance and felt very happy , along with my wife. I did not have job yet, that is the one small fire burning yet in my heart, though i ignored it..
I got a good IT job in mumbai . So i performed marriage, with a good job and i was very very very happy. My big problems solved..
that evening i sat in bhajan,i sang loudly my most interested song "shyama sundara madana gopala.." while my Master is sitting infront of me in the open air.. i came back, life was going very smoothly...till i got the sudden news that my Master left me ,,just after performing the marriage and my joining in job, just after three or four months.....................


best video talk by Prof Anil kumar

This video about the talk by Prof Anil kumar impressed me a lot. Really worth seeing it. How he expressed his state, after the completion of avatar of sree satya sai baba is worth seeing twice. He is very dear to me.


Monday, February 9, 2009

sree satya sairam

sathya sai baba photo

sai is personified love.. yet i donot know why i am unable to get His grace now a days..

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Sai Always smiles

sree satya sai smiling photo


my problems

Beautiful photo of baba in whom alone i have trust and faith. Yet for the past 5 months i am in deep sea with troubles. lost job, lost source of income, business plans failed. Daily worshipping him for months for His grace, but the time for his intervention has not yet come. meanwhile, my monkey mind is becoming restless. getting less interest in spiritual things.I do not know why i am like this.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

saibaba darshan

very long and worth watching video clip